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sex datingHow do you turn a woman on, how do you satisfy her... and make her do the things you have always been dreaming about?

For a start let me remind you of the differences in the way women and men reach and feel sexual excitation.

To make the things clear let’s define the word “feel”. Just like any human being we use our five primary senses to collect information about the world surrounding us. This is called “perception”. Most part of the perception process takes place in our subconsciousness.

And only afterwards we adapt what we have percepted with our five senses. We compare our new experience with what we already know, we put each fact in its place and we subconsciously react to it. Now it’s time to make decisions on what we are going to do with what we have just gone through. The procedure is also subconscious. Finally we do what we have decided to. And you must have guessed already... again we do it on a subconscious level.

The description is simplified but I suppose it’s a suitable model for our work. I’m sure men and women go through these four stages differently. And as for sex I believe they come to it in most different ways. I attract your attention to this fact because most of the people treat the others the way they would like to be treated themselves. They behave and communicate the most appropriate way to their mind. They usually think that they know what’s better for the others without making sure if they are right or wrong.

Only this makes sense. Most of the people don’t walk about with serious faces asking themselves: “Hmm, I wonder if Sarah feels the same taste of coffee as I do?” or “Does the taste of water feel the same for her as it feels for me... or it’s a little bit different?” Most of the people ask themselves such questions once or twice during their lifetime but they stop asking when they decide that the majority feel the same taste when they drink coffee and so on.

Conclusion: if we take most of the “rough” sensations (meanings of some well-known things) such as the taste of salt or color perception we, like humans, experience quite similar feelings. But when it comes to “delicate” things (less strongly marked and more complicated in this context) people and especially opposite sexes experience extremely different sensations.

For example, if you show a fashion catalogue to a man and a woman a man would pay attention to the models and a woman to the clothing including all their colors and smallest details. Finally, the order and succession of emotions and thoughts play the main role in the reactions men and women demonstrate. In the sexual sphere men are usually unpretentious: he sees a cutie, she turns him on and he wants to get it on with her. All this within some 1-3 seconds! A man may be far from his working place, driving a car and seeing a beauty makes him feel good. On the other hand, women are far more complicated. Even if she sees a handsome man it stirs her up very SELDOM. The first thing a woman feels when she looks at an attractive man is usually curiosity or interest... and a desire to get to know him better. If a man smiles to a woman she interprets the smile like “hey, you look great!” If a woman smiles to a man he explains it to himself like “hi, I wanna get laid.”

Such a difference leads most of the first dates to a deadlock. Conclusion: it takes a woman more time to get in a sexual mood. When I’m talking about sex and about arranging all stuff you should bear in mind all mentioned above. Some of the things I will say to you may sound like “interesting ideas” or unusual things.

That’s not quite so. Need an energy booster? Choose SEX!

Even if you call them interesting and unusual they are the things that catch a woman’s mind in a special way and build up her preferences. 50000 years ago women thought “that man looks like a good hunter and he could make a good couple”. And it makes me believe in romantic appeal.

If a man is truly interested he will demonstrate his loyalty... awaiting sex. It works. Women enjoy such stuff as “not to hurry”, “anticipate”, “sensitiveness”, “romantic conversations” and “erotic games”. 

Yeah, I know, we all are crazy about the chicks who get turned on from our unshaven faces and tousled hair in the mornings. But these are the cards dealt to us and we should learn how to play them in our everyday life. Let’s go.

Ok, I have just mentioned some ideas. Let’s sum them up. How do the feelings work: generally women get turned on from several important things:

  1. The tone of your voice, sensual (not sexual) talk and vivid descriptions. Women like to listen to a sensual voice describing thoughts, feelings and ideas in detail;
  2. A wide range of all kinds of touching, kissing, spanking, courting and hugging;
  3. Odors and a sense of smell. Women like good perfume. And women like when you smell them;
  4. Tasting. Women enjoy such wonderful things as strawberries, chocolates and champagne.

Did you notice there’s something missing?

I didn’t mention APPEARANCES in my list. Why? Well, women don’t get excited from what they see in as much a degree as they get turned on with the help of other senses. Men usually get turned on from the sight more than from other senses all together.

This is true that your appearances may become an obstacle for being attractive to her. It may happen because of your “untidiness” but not because you “are not her type” or something else. But I’m quite positive (and it proves itself over and over again) that if you behave in a proper way you can easily overcome her first bad impression of your appearances and you can really turn a woman on using the channels of her feelings and her imagination. Let me put a few words on how women notice details. Women percept fine substances. If you take her hand she will feel warmth and friendliness on your side. If you pass the tips of your fingers over her arm softly and slowly it will turn her on (with all other conditions taken into account, of course). If you give her a long sucking kiss and push your tongue deep into her mouth she will convulse with disgust. But if you kiss her softly... then move away and look into her eyes... then kiss her again gently and slowly... you will burn the flame in her heart which will blaze up if you do it all right.

I mentioned romantic appeal. For me it’s a simple demonstration that my attitude towards our meeting and our “relationship” is full of deep meaning. This is the way to say to her “I want to make you feel good”. But if you play romance too long you push a certain button called “he loves me and wants to marry me”. So be careful. I recommend the romance which activates feelings but not the one which implies money, gifts and love letters.

There’s nothing bad about them beside the fact that they will lead you straight to family life. If you are inclined to get married – go forward! If not, be accurate and use your senses. Go to part 2 (continue)


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