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What to Talk with a Girl About 2

adult datingAK> I once told my friend that I think she’s a beauty. When we met again (he’s an easy going guy) he had passed my words to her and she had told him: “Then why wouldn’t he say it to me?”

Say it! You can’t go on like that! It doesn’t matter if the girl becomes your friend or lover but if you feel that you really like her – you have to say it to her. Share all you see, think and feel with her. Don’t be shy. If the girl comes to you without a bra and it suits her (usually it suits the girls), tell her about itJ. (In spite of the smile it’s a pretty serious advice.) If you are dancing and it stirs you up – make a hint to her, let her feel cool (tested – positive reaction guaranteed). I’m not even mentioning such things as her sparkling eyes, well-cared hands or a new dress. Generally, make it a rule, if you see something beautiful or pleasant about her you have to tell her this. If you want to kiss her – tell her: “[Name of the girl] I want to kiss you”. It doesn’t oblige her to do it but it’s always pleasant to hear it. And if the girl wishes the same – there’s only one small step left before your wishes come true.

The rule concerns all other girls as well. You also have to tell them all you think and feel. Probably, the words won’t be the same. (It’s unlikely that you think the same about all other girls as about the girl you love. But you can like them still!).

By the way, when you are paying compliments to one girl don’t be ashamed if the other will hear it too. Let her hear it.

AK> Besides, I have a bad eye sight and I sometimes don’t notice a familiar face in the crowd. She told the other guy (my ex-class mate and my close friend) that I had changed, that I pass her by without even saying hi, and it hurts her.

Apologize to her. Tell her all about your problem. And I repeat myself – tell her what you feel. I doubt it that the only feeling you’d come up to her with would be your guilt, you will surely be pleased to see her. Altogether you will have two things to talk about: you feel bad about not noticing her and you are pleased to see her now. Guess which one will be more interesting to her?J

P.S.: If you are afraid to say it straight to her face try and write a letter. If you like the result, send the letter. The best variant would be to give it to her. With the letter you can give her a flower, a stuffed toy or something else which will be pleasing for both of you russian brides blog.

P.P.S.: I have always experienced about the same trouble – it’s not easy to come up and say all that. But I sometimes would do it and the result is always positive. For the sake of “treatment” I have gone through (or rather have been taken through) the “shock therapy”. By chance I happened to attend a psychological training about a month ago. There I had to stand before the whole audience and tell the girl I chose among the others as the most sexually attractive for me what I really like about her. It was awfully difficult at the beginning but then it was awfully pleasant. By the way, if the relationship with your girlfriend is confiding enough maybe she would agree to help you change yourself by just letting you say all that to her.

AK> So what do I do? Shall I try and get what I want or shall I let the things rest?

What do you mean by “getting”? Just sleeping with her or making your mutual feeling grow? If it’s the first thing that you want – I don’t know; if the latter – get it!

AK> Just in general, what should I do?



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